identifying, protecting & realizing value along the steel supply chain


Ferrometrics is a boutique strategy, risk management and investment adviser. 

we specialize in delivering performance-enhancing solutions for the iron and steel sector.

Our strategies are deployed by businesses all the way along the supply chain, from mining feasibility study all the way through to shop floor solutions for OEMs and other steel consumers.

Ferrometrics' work has informed the launch of many price risk management tools designed for this space, and we sit on advisory committees for a number of the world's largest commodity derivatives trading venues.

The company is headquartered in New York, USA and has offices in London, UK as well as representatives in Singapore.

Our advisory team works with leading companies along the steel supply chain to develop cutting edge solutions

ferrometrics' primary goal is to help customers enjoy the full rewards of the value they create.

We work with our customers to identify their exposure to market risk as a result of their existing operations and help to identify new market opportunities that can be leveraged through the use of our strategies.

Modelling transaction flow and each supply chain through analysis and consultation helps us to to isolate specific exposure to market risk, conduct a full feasibility study and design high-level mitigation strategies that serve as a road map for the project.

Commodity price hedging, when properly utilized, can significantly enhance business performance. But, in order to be successful, companies need to have the right clearing facilities, financing solutions and relationships in place.

Our deep understanding of market risk and non-partisan approach to developing mitigation solutions mark us out from the crowd - all our strategies are bespoke and respond directly to the specific challenges we have identified in conjunction with our customers.

Our unique approach and skill set enables Ferrometrics to identify the most attractive investment opportunities in our sector

ferrometrics strategies enable investors to enjoy significantly reduced risk metrics and maximum return from the value they are helping to create

Our wide network enables us to identify ideal investment opportunities that utilize Ferrometrics strategies, with a particular focus on trade flow that can leverage derivatives and market risk management practices.

We operate in a number of capacities, cooperating closely with leading investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds and multi-commodity traders to structure transactions that realize the true value in the steel industry.

The team is always on the lookout for new projects to add to our portfolio of opportunities.

In addition we also provide investors the opportunity to invest and express a view on steel price volatility. For more information on the Ferrometrics Proprietary Investment Fund, please contact us.

Operating in nascent derivatives markets, we provide further support to hedgers by making markets in a number of products

ferrometrics works closely with customers to help bridge the gap between specific risk management requirements and available market liquidity

As part of our close relationship with the world's leading commodity derivatives exchanges, Ferrometrics contributes to the genesis of trading liquidity by operating as a designated market maker for certain instruments.

In addition, we work closely with our customers from our advisory and investment businesses to enhance the market liquidity available for their mandated risk management strategies.

Our approach can provide the channel between end users, which wish to mitigate long-term exposure to price rises, and inventory-laden service providers, which are particularly exposed to short term price movements.

In addition, Ferrometrics offers investors the opportunity to invest in the strategies we have designed to provide this service. For more information on the Ferrometrics Proprietary Investment Fund please contact us.


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